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Fun tournament on 25th/26th May 2013 in Prague

Attending Teams; Bristol, UK – BWHC, Cele, Germany, Darmholm, Germany, TSV Leuna, Germany and us. Saturday we played from from 14hrs until 20hrs thereafter we met at a typical Czech pub for watching football in Andel and thereafter party time until the morning. Sunday, we mixed up all teams and played…

Bridgend Hockey Game 20.04.2013

Our game on 20.04.2013. Thank you to everyone who could join.

Warwick friendly mixed games on 24.03.2013

We had a fun hockey afternoon with Warwick in Prague on Sunday, 24.03.2013. The food and drinks after the games was good too …..

23.06.2012 – Kbely

We had a fun warm hockey day at Kbely, this year we did well where we won two games and lost two placing us 3rd in our Group and overall 6th in the tournament.

26 & 27.05.2012 PIHC Tournament in Prague

We hosted teams from Berlin, Cele and Bristol. Since Cele were 5 players and we had 7 from Bristol, we joined them and called them Celebrit. On Sunday we played a mixed match with all teams (those who survived saturday hockey and dancing night). 26.05.2012 Time Referees Berlin – 0…

Kbely – 23.06.2012

We have been invited to the annual tournament at Kbely.

26.05.2012 – our Tournament – hosting three teams in Prague

We are hosting our own tournament at the end of May.

21.04.2012 – Bridgend Hockey Club (South Wales) in Prague

We played the visiting team from UK – Bridgend and drew 1:1, a fun hockey afternoon and dinner.

07.04.2012 – HC Praga

We attended the season opener at HC Praga.

28.01.2012 – Indoor at Bohemians

We attended an indoor tournament with our friends at Bohemians hockey club.

03.09.2011 – Travelled to Berlin

We were invited to go to Berlin on the first weekend of September.

25.06.2011 – Kbely

The Honzas attended the yearly tournament held at Sokol Kbely.

14.05.2011 – Berlin in Prague

On Saturday 14/05/2011 the Berlin team came to visit us in Prague. It was great fun to play them as well as having after-beers with them and then after-after-beers.

02.04.2011 – Bridgend Hockey Club (South Wales) in Prague

Our Welsh friends came over for the now traditional season opener game at Zeleny pruh.

27.03.2010 – Bridgend Hockey Club (South Wales) in Prague

The Welsh team that come every year are here again for an afternoon match at Zeleny pruh. George is collecting numbers so drop him an email if you are interested in playing. Updated – The pitch is booked from 2pm until 5pm with lots of opportunity for pitch time so come along and enjoy the sunshine.

10.04.2010 – More Visitors!

On the 10th of April, there is another team over for the weekend. They have expressed interest in playing against us and Praga. They are a bit more competitive than the veteran team from Wales but they will have played a few games before had and they did promise to take it easy on FHs. Anyone interested in watching or in joining up with Praga, their game is from 14:00? Reports and photos from the game…

26.06.2010 – Kbely

The Honzas are booked to play in this tournament. Currently we have 7 players but more would be better.