27.03.2010 – Bridgend Hockey Club (South Wales) in Prague

The Welsh team that come every year are here again for an afternoon match at Zeleny pruh. George is collecting numbers so drop him an email if you are interested in playing. Updated – The pitch is booked from 2pm until 5pm with lots of opportunity for pitch time so come along and enjoy the sunshine.

Report from George M
I had promised to be there at 1:30 pm, knowing my time keeping skills. And just as expected, I got there 10 past the hour to find everyone warmed up and ready. 20 minutes later, we had the first 11 lined up with their beers left to enjoy the sun while they struggled.

The first half showed the glimmer of hope for the season after we went down just 3:0. Normally at this point we are normally 4 or 5 goals down not forgetting we have trained outdoors only once. At this point, our captain gathered the team for a pet talk and team substitutions. I would never have said all we needed was the pet talk. NO it was not. Alex, the star player first scored from a sublime move between him and Ash. The defense also tightened the few gaps noted during the first half. I mean, the team just started playing really well. 1:3 the final score. And quoting the visitors; a good run for their money.

Of course there were the few beers between (although no Scott as drinking captain) and the becherovka’s for Malcolm (Best Player overall), and a vote of thanks from us. We also welcomed the youngest FH member, Viktor Pej and Quido, his bodyguard.

Kolkovna Budějovická Restaurant was booked afterwards and we all enjoyed it (including Quido & Viktor). We all left between 9:30-10pm. Mostly home to get some rest. The pitch seems really big especially after the winter season.

Photos of the Day (thanks Olivia and George and Kat). PS. One of these snaps is from last year. Any thoughts?